Babies and Mockery

Apparently, nothing shames a crying kid faster than being mocked by an infant.

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Babies and Hair

I’m convinced babies like to cling to mommy’s hair like our little chimp ancestors hold onto mommy’s fur when traipsing around the jungle. Removing it might be akin to yanking away an infant’s security blanket.

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Found Art on the Way to Dinner

There is a surprising amount of art surrounding you, if you are open to it. My husband and I were going out for sushi when I saw this bear in a tree in the parking lot. I have no idea whether he was casually tossed up there in a fit of anger (imagine a tantrum-throwing child hurling his […]

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Babies and Mealtime

I’ve been making one-eyed Jacks for Brontë lately because she loves them, though after breakfast they don’t look so much eaten as scattered by a Special Forces team of Barbies armed with miniature weed whackers. After mentioning this to a few friends, I was surprised to hear “What are one-eyed Jacks?” I explain that it’s […]

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