Babies and Hair

Babies love hair. They will grab it, cling to it, pull on it… for this reason, as well as that of the generally exhausting lifestyle of having a small child, many women choose to drastically cut their hair after giving birth. I can certainly understand this rationale, but I have chosen to keep mine long. Partly this is because a topknot functions to keep it out of the way when necessary, but largely because I’m convinced babies like to cling to mommy’s hair like our little chimp ancestors hold onto mommy’s fur when traipsing around the jungle. Removing it might be akin to yanking away an infant’s security blanket.

Bronte, for one, seems very fond on my hair. She likes to grab a fistful and hold it against her cheek. Recently, she has started climbing up the back of the couch behind me and rearranging my hair like a fairy hairdresser. There are moments I get frustrated by the upkeep and am tempted to chop it all off, but then she will whip out one of her fairy stylist sessions and I just can’ bring myself to do it.

Bronte hangs onto momma, chimp style.
Bronte hangs onto momma, chimp style.
This piece needs to go... here.
This piece needs to go… here.

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