Crazy Toddler Schemes

“Maybe if I dump some beef jerky in my cereal, fairies will appear.”

Bront√ę keeps demanding I put milk in her wading pool. Not sure whether she views all liquid as milk or if she has some kind of luxurious, Cleopatra-inspired spa experience in mind.

She is in a very experimental stage at the moment. She likes to combine every available food item in front of her then taste the sometimes bizarre results. Strawberries? Dips them into her milk and tries it. One-eyed jacks (bread with fired egg in the middle)? Dips it into her milk and tastes it. Pasta goes right into her water glass before being scooped out and ingested like a floating mass of delicious water worms.

Part of me thinks I should be putting a stop to this behavior (it might not go over so well for her at a future business lunch), while another part wants to support her creativity. At least she’s curious about her food instead of demanding nothing but chicken nuggets with ketchup, right?


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