The Best Yoga Pose For New Moms

All of my cats are Zen masters
All of my cats are Zen masters

Think you can’t practice yoga? Think again, my friend.

Sure, it’s easy to believe yoga is only for the thinnest and most boneless among us. With all those size 0 practitioners striking pretzel poses in $100 pants, it’s natural to feel intimidated.

And there are, in fact, a good number of incredibly difficult yoga poses.

For example, I find crane pose, or “Bakasana,” especially frustrating. Since it’s considered a challenge within reach, Crane pose is something I routinely encounter in actual yoga classes. Every time it has come up, I’ve tried my best to master it, though I am still no where close to doing so.

I just know she's secretly judging me
I just know she’s secretly judging me

Consequently, I end up rolling on the floor for five minutes like a misshapen onion that someone just dropped, while the rest of the room looks like that twisty lady in the blue shirt to the right.

Impressively, no one has actually laughed out loud at me while I’ve been rolling around the floor, jacking up everyone’s Zen.

In Yoga, you’re not supposed to judge. So there.

Since I’m clearly not qualified to offer advice about the crane pose, I will instead talk about a pose I think would be especially beneficial for stressed-out new moms. It’s called Savasana, otherwise known as “the corpse pose,” or “my favorite pose.”

Surprisingly, zombies are not good at mastering the corpse pose (@ConradZimmerman)
Surprisingly, zombies are not good at mastering the corpse pose

Bearing in mind that I’m not a qualified yoga teacher, here is my understanding of how to strike a Savasana pose:

  1. Lie down on the floor, arms to your sides, palms facing upwards
  2. Close your eyes
  3. Breathe
  4. Hold it as long as you can

Done and done.

Now, you are no longer “lazy.” You are simply “perfecting a yoga pose.”



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