Halloween Penguins in Baby Class

Penguin Snack Army.
Penguin Snack Army

I’m not usually one to fuss about food presentation. Typically, I just want it to taste good, and that’s usually enough to keep me busy. But when my aunt’s new boyfriend brought a bunch of penguins to a family get-together, I knew I would have to copy it at some point.

They are just so cute.

The right occasion finally arrived when my postpartum exercise class at Herself Moms threw a little Halloween party after class. Since everyone is trying to get in shape, I thought it would be nice to try to include vegetables in my potluck dish.

But even though they are made of just cream cheese, black olives, and carrots, they are amazingly tasty. Their cuteness draws you in, but their deliciousness brings you back for more…

Making them is pretty simple. You just cut a carrot into slices, then cut a little pizza slice out of each carrot slice. You slit a black olive along the side and put cream cheese inside. Then you put the olive on top of one of the carrot slices so the two points look like feet.

Then you lay another black olive on top and put the carrot “pizza slices” in the hole, so it looks like a beak. Pierce the creation vertically with a toothpick to hold the penguin together.

Now, make a bunch of them and line them up so they look like they are all migrating toward the buffet.

These went over well in my class and the rest of the food was also delicious. Someone made Caprese salad skewers with a balsamic vinegar sauce to dribble on top that was amazing.

Plus, everyone dressed their babies up, so it was a very adorable party. I put Bridget in a dragon costume, but there was already another dragon at the party. Apparently she felt threatened, because she crawled over and bit that poser dragon.

Baby dragons gather around a pumpkin. Bridget is on the right.
Baby dragons gather around a pumpkin. Bridget is on the right

Maybe she just really liked the idea of being a dragon and got carried away.

Bridget gets into character.
Bridget gets into character

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