My Daughter Declares Herself Queen

Upon figuring out how to work her mechanical toy the other day, my daughter Brontë threw both her arms up in a victory salute, shouting, “I’M A PRINCESS!!!” Not sure how she defines “princess,” but I’m glad it involves competence. She may, however, be moving on to bigger and better things. Today, Brontë declared herself the […]

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A Tribute to the French

This post was originally going to be all about how my kids had a stomach virus during the past week, one that made them projectile vomit for days, in unison, all over the living room, the car, the bathroom, the staircase, and just about anywhere else that wasn’t a toilet or bin. But then the […]

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Children’s Toys Are Creepy

Having kids is a wonderful thing, but it’s exhausting. Also, the grass is green and the sky is blue. The power drain of childcare, though, is hard to fully appreciate until you’ve done it yourself.  Sitcoms aren’t a good substitute. Beyond the physical demands, constantly being alert mentally wears you down. You are always having to make […]

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