Six word story challenge: Sin

Found diamond bracelet receipt: never received.

(This is my entry for this week’s “Six word story challenge” from Sometimes Stellar Storyteller Nicola. They look like so much fun, why don’t you enter too?)


4 thoughts on “Six word story challenge: Sin

    1. Thank you! My husband thought it was all about not getting the bracelet you paid for, so perhaps it was a bit cryptic–but you seemed to understand the betrayal angle 🙂

      Fun challenge though, I’m going to play from now on

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      1. He clearly hasn’t watched that scene in Love Actually where Emma Thompson realises the wonderful Alan Rickman hasn’t bought the expensive bling for her. That was the first thing it reminded me of!

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        1. Yes, exactly! 🙂

          I wonder if women are more likely to understand the story… I should test the theory out on some random men and women and see.


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