The Underrated World of Daddy Hacks

I’d like to begin today’s posting by stating the obvious: men and women are raised differently. And I think these different expectations result in different parenting approaches. Women, for example, are brought up with thousands of idealized images floating in our heads… snapshots of how a perfect life is supposed to look. This is the perfect outfit, the right interior design, […]

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How to Be A White Girl

I always knew I was white, but never realized HOW white until my mother ran 23andme genetic tests on many family members a while back. Because people assume I’m a foreigner all the time, I had long suspected something else was in the mix. Strangers often ask me where I’m from and when I tell them California […]

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Bizarre Search Terms

When you have a WordPress account, your Stats page provides info about your blog readership. Stuff like how many hits you’ve gotten today, what countries they’re coming from, and any search terms that were used that lead to your site. Well apparently, today someone navigated to my site after entering “what is a d1ck beebot” into […]

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3 Day 3 Quote Challenge – Day 3

Today is my final installment of the Three Day, Three Quote challenge! Thanks again to Simon for nominating me. Since I went with inspirational quotes for the first two days, I thought I’d change things up on Day 3 with something funny from Tallulah Bankhead (who was a real character). My quote of the day:  (Upon seeing a […]

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