False Breakthrough in Potty-Training

Brontë: I need a toilet.

Me (feeding Bridget): You want to go potty?

Brontë: No, I just need a toilet.

Brontë toddles off, returning with her Minnie Mouse potty. She puts it on the floor and just as I start to get excited, flips the lid down and stands on top of it.

Using her potty as a step stool to retrieve a TV remote from a shelf, she hands me the remote and asks, “My Little Pony?”

Me (flipping on the TV): Sure. Why not?

Dang it. At least she’s getting some use out of it, I guess.


12 thoughts on “False Breakthrough in Potty-Training

  1. I sat my daughter on the potty and handed her my iPhone. She watched my little pony for about 40 minutes and went potty. We haven’t looked back since with very little accidents. Just a thought it might work. Good luck m

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    1. That makes sense–she sat there until she needed to go, and it sounds like it’s been smooth sailing since then… Definitely worth a try!

      And if My Little Pony won’t make a toddler girl sit still, I don’t know what would 🙂

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            1. That would be HYSTERICAL.

              I think some of us start splitting, I mean it’s all Minnie Mouse and the Wheels on the Bus going round and round, then once the sun goes down, we’re shanking feral ghouls and throwing grenades, before we get the shakes

              *high five* 🙂


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