When Your Carseat Just Doesn’t Cut It Anymore

Okay, we’re ready… where’s the DMV?
I like to have conversations with my daughter in the car on the way home from preschool. She’s usually worked off her crazy toddler energy, having run around playing with other crazy toddler for a few hours, and is ready to talk for a bit before eating lunch and taking a nap.

And it’s fun to hear what she’s been thinking about lately. We were driving home the other day when she piped up from the backseat…


Brontë: Can we go to the pumpkin farm?

Me: It’s not open right now. It won’t be open till Halloween.

Brontë: For our next Halloween house, I want to decorate with LOTS of pumpkins. We had a happy pumpkin but next time I want a happy pumpkin, a sad pumpkin, and a mad pumpkin… When is Halloween?

Me: Not for a while. Your birthday is coming up sooner. You and Bridget will have birthdays in March.

Brontë: I will be four.

Me: Yes! And Bidgie will be two.

Brontë: I wish she was turning five.

Me: Really? What do you want to turn?

Brontë: I want to turn six. No… Sixteen. I want to be sixteen.

Me: Sixteen, why?



It’s amazing how much three-year-olds pick up.


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