Six Word Story Challenge: Double-Cross

“Him or me: I picked me.”

This my entry for this week’s Six Word Story Challenge at Sometimes Stellar Storyteller. The theme was double-cross, so intriguing!

A six word limit is rough, so it’s quite a challenge. I had so many ideas that would fit seven words… It’s funny what a difference a word can make.

Thought I’d change things up by being the double-crosser. Most of the entries were double-crossed or witnessed a double-crossing.

These weekly challenges are so fun and anyone can enter. Why not come play yourself? 🙂



12 thoughts on “Six Word Story Challenge: Double-Cross

    1. Yes, I saw them appearing on another blogger’s page and joined in! There are also limerick challenges going around that I’ll probably start trying.

      It was a doozy, wasn’t it? Double-cross is a little more complicated and tough to boil down into six words.


        1. Me too! They’re fun and don’t take loads of time.

          The limericks are a little more involved, but I’ll probably give them a go soon. I see lots of syllable-counting on my fingers in my future


  1. Thanks for entering the challenge, I thought I’d mix it up a bit with this week’s prompt. As you rightly pointed out, you could write about being the double crosser or the double crossee. It could also stretch to being a witness of a scam, the plot of a famous movie, a film twist – anything really. I love to see what you fabulously creative bunch come up with every week.

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        1. Me too! Saul and Mike were my favorite characters, so I was really happy for a show involving them both.

          And I really like Better Call Saul. It has a really different feel and pacing than Breaking Bad, but I think it’s also terrific in its own way.

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          1. It’s a different kind of tragedy. I mean, Jimmy is going to end up with his lucrative (and shady) law practice as Saul, but he’ll lose family, Kim, all those other things. Great show. (Hey, thank you for following me, you’re too kind.)

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            1. It will be interesting to see how it happens… We all know where he ended up in BB and then finally as the Cinnibun guy. The brother betrayal is amazing (seems like many Celt stories are about betrayal).

              Right back at ya! 🙂

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