Bizarre Search Terms

Fallout 4_20151113022948
Another kind of dick beebot

When you have a WordPress account, your Stats page provides info about your blog readership. Stuff like how many hits you’ve gotten today, what countries they’re coming from, and any search terms that were used that lead to your site.

Well apparently, today someone navigated to my site after entering “what is a d1ck beebot” into Google.

I’m baffled, incredibly curious about what they were trying to find,

And fairly certain they didn’t find it on my blog.

Sorry, whoever you are. May your future d1ck beebot searches prove more fruitful.




22 thoughts on “Bizarre Search Terms

    1. Yes, as in “dick.” See, I have not quite felt my way around vulgarity etiquette in blogging.

      I’m not easily offended, myself, but I see bowdlerized swearing all over the place. Thought maybe on a mommy blog it was best to play it safe? Maybe that’s just necessary for the heavy hitters, I dunno.

      But yeah, right? This person must’ve heard about dick beebots and wondered what they were. Or something. I would love to know.


      1. Ohhh, I thought the person had searched the word with a 1 instead of an i in it! I was super curious about why they’d do that, but I get now that you were trying to soften the word a bit.

        I’ve had someone come across my blog by searching “dolphin lovin.” I do have a post about how much I adore dolphins, but referring to it as “dolphin lovin” just takes on a whole other connotation…

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        1. Oh, there are people who love dolphins and then there are people who LOVE dolphins. I accidentally found this out on the internet one day and it’s something you can never claw out out your brain. Apparently, it’s quite dangerous. :O

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    1. Well that makes sense. I imagine “bitter” goes into search terms much more often than “beebot.” So we’re already selecting for unusual searches, I guess.

      I’ve seen a couple search terms that turned my knuckles white and “dick beebots” wasn’t even one of them *shiver*


        1. Loads of extreme weirdos, and then you get what “normal” people are probably checking out when no one is looking. It’s like a train wreck and I can’t look away


            1. That is painful, and frustrating. You see these folks sitting on a landfill stuffed into their living rooms, arguing about why they need to keep broken plastic hangers…

              I find Hoarders interesting, just to observe the disorder, but only for an episode. After that, it’s more of the same… more disgusting trash piles, more denial, people screaming about keeping their rat-chewed plastic flower collection. Gets depressing.


              1. I can’t watch people live in denial of their garbage piles and it is beyond my comprehension that they can’t seem to get rid of anything, even though it is affecting their health and relationships. I seriously think it is a mental illness and the program exploits that for “good” television.

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    1. It’s really fascinating (if sometimes disturbing). I think you get a read on what people are secretly thinking about. I’m surprised people are doing more research studies on this 🙂


  1. Search terms are always funny. Jenny over at The Bloggess always has amazing Search Term posts. The searches that bring people to her blog make her question their life choices.

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