Diet Cheese Drama

    We accidentally bought the “lite” Babybel cheese and I guess Bridget noticed. We didn’t mean to. Ours is not a house of low-fat cheese. Or low-fat anything, for that matter. I didn’t notice it until Brontë dug it out of the fridge and handed it to me. “Open for me, mommy?” she asked. […]

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Girl Farts and Water Faucets

According to a survey recently covered by Glamour and Women’s Health, most people start farting around their significant others sometime between two and six months of dating. About ten percent let it rip from the start. Reading this reminded me of something a guy friend posted on Facebook. He had seen a female coworker walk into the […]

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Why Americans Hate Owls

Everywhere I look, Americans are hating on poor little owls. We think owls are lazy, undisciplined loners who really need to get their crap together. Probably immoral too. I know this because I’m an owl myself. No, not the cute birds who can swivel their heads around backwards and spot mice from dark forest skies. I’m talking […]

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My Blog Demographics Say I Should Be Writing Men’s Fashion Tips

As I’ve previously mentioned, dedicated bloggers can find detailed information about who’s checking out their blogs. They can find out how popular they are with different age groups, for example, or in different cities, and what kinds of topics interest their readers. There are so many blogs out there that figuring out your niche is critical for growing an audience, […]

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Are We Wired to Win?

She studies the game pieces while quietly calculating her next move. Deftly flipping over multiple cards from the draw pile with one hand, she seizes the one she wants before they hit the table. “TWO PURPLE!” she shouts. “Let me see.” She flips up her palm, revealing a card with a giant purple square. “ONE purple,” I […]

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Toddler Kitty Hijinx

Heard some maniacal laughter earlier today, so I walked into the loft and found this face. The look on this face said: Umm… What? Nah, I’m just standing here. I did NOT just lock a cat in the guinea pig cage then laugh hysterically. Not sure what the cat’s face is saying though. We have some patient […]

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