Toddler Kitty Hijinx


Heard some maniacal laughter earlier today, so I walked into the loft and found this face.

The look on this face said:

Umm… What? Nah, I’m just standing here. I did NOT just lock a cat in the guinea pig cage then laugh hysterically.

Not sure what the cat’s face is saying though. We have some patient cats.




16 thoughts on “Toddler Kitty Hijinx

    1. I can see that 🙂

      They’ve been impressively patient. I think they’ve only popped my girls once or twice. Only lightly and only when they were being sat on and having their whiskers yanked. They seem to get that these rampaging people are just babies.


  1. Thankfully I don’t like cats so we never had that problem with our kids when they were young, but my daughter did want a hamster so bad, but then she would never take care of it or hold it and one time she forgot to feed it and it died. We never told her about her not feeding it or she would have had guilt for that.

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    1. Oh no! That was good of you– the guilt would probably not be worth the lesson.

      Cats are easier that way because they’ll go grab their own food as long as you keep the dish full. I keep thinking I’ll get a dog soon. Partly because the girls would like it but mostly so it would eat all the food falling off the table while my kids learn how to use forks, haha


      1. My wife thinks we should get a cat because it would keep the mice away, but I’m like, think of everything else. The cat food, the cat poop, the shedding. Just not worth it to me.


        1. Hmm. Unless you have a real mouse problem, I don’t know that having a cat is worth it unless you’re fond of cats. I like that they are calm and sit on your lap without jumping around and being too loud, but I don’t know that they earn their keep


              1. I think it had to do with the fact that she ran away for about 3 months, we thought she was dead, used up 8 of her lives and came back with some street knowledge. Anyways, she lived 20 years was deaf and blind at the end (was probably a 100 in cat years).

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                1. That’s definitely a while in cat years… It’s nice she came back, though she sounds like she was a bit shell-shocked.

                  I’ve had many cats (tend to take in strays) and while most are friendly if you get them young enough, occasionally a cat is just timid. I’ve also seen crazy aggressive cats… never had one, but I’ve seen cats that attack on sight. No clue if it’s how they are wired or what


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