My Blog Demographics Say I Should Be Writing Men’s Fashion Tips

As I’ve previously mentioned, dedicated bloggers can find detailed information about who’s checking out their blogs. They can find out how popular they are with different age groups, for example, or in different cities, and what kinds of topics interest their readers.

There are so many blogs out there that figuring out your niche is critical for growing an audience, or so I’ve read. Looking at your audience demographics is supposed to help.

blogging-is-like-theatre-shakespeare-234x300Weird Search Terms

WordPress tells you what search terms people used to navigate to your site and my all-time favorite has to be “what is a dick beebot?”

Clearly, the term “beebot” led to my site, but I really wish I knew who that person was and what they were trying to find. I doubt it was a mommy blog about hilarious moments in parenting.

But I had another interesting one a few days ago: “wearing red, tips for guys.”

This google search led him (I’m assuming it’s a him) to my article about wearing red, where he was undoubtedly frustrated. My advice not to go overboard with the red by simultaneously wearing red lipstick, heels and a dress was less than helpful, I’m sure.

I never even suspected guys worried about wearing red effectively. Who knew?

Unexpected Demographics

As my blog wears on and I accumulate more experience, I’m beginning to see consistent patterns within my audience demographics.


bloggirlSome of them seem logical enough. For instance, my blog is most popular among 25 to 35 year olds. That makes sense, because I write about having two kids under five and I’m guessing most parents with children under five are in the 25 to 35 year old age group.

Next highest is 18 to 25, which is probably the next most common age for parents of young kids, in addition to blog readership skewing young because blogging is more hip and tech-savvy than dusty library books (which I also love, by the way).

This is probably why people aged 50+ are my least common readers.


Now here’s where I’ve been quite surprised. Considering I’m a woman who writes a mommy blog about her two daughters and occasionally throws in a yoga or fashion article, I expected my audience to skew largely female.

Boy, was I wrong.

My audience is generally around 70 percent male and 30 percent female, or somewhere close to it.

So, while I have a sizable chunk of female readers (mostly women who have a fabulous sense of humor as well as awesome blogs), I’m clearly attracting more men than I expected and I’m scratching my head about why that is.

Many of them are fathers, which I think is fantastic. They like reading about parenting and must really love their kids.

Maybe it’s because I’m more likely to tell poop stories than give crafting advice. Or maybe it’s despite the poop stories, who can tell? I guess I’m suggesting my blog is more about funny stories than beautiful projects, which maybe resonates with dads.

Also, I like video games. Maybe gamer dads are just accidentally landing here then kicking their shoes off for a spell.

Popular Posts


Another way for bloggers to better define their audience is by looking at what articles really took off.

Mine seem like a crapshoot sometimes. I’ll write something I thought was hysterical then hear crickets for the next week, whereas some other random post gets thousands and thousands of views.

I’ve heard other bloggers say the same–sometimes your post hits at just the right time. I’m sure there’s a science to it that I have yet to figure out.

But when I look at a couple of my really popular posts, like this one and this one, I notice they say something about gender differences I’ve noticed in parents and children. Maybe it has something to do with my tendency to openly analyze what I’m seeing without being either a full-blown traditionalist or refusing to believe any different tendencies exist.

Or maybe people just thought they were funny. I don’t know.

The Takeaway

So having looked over my current audience, I have to wonder if I should be throwing out a few more articles with a male audience in mind. Like, tips on wearing red, for example.

I couldn’t begin to analyze male clothing to the degree that male experts do (it’s like asking a guy to distinguish between 50 different shades of red lipstick), but maybe I could give a female perspective. Like, “Guy Style that Women find Hot” or “Ten Things In Your Closet Your Wife Secretly Wants to Burn.”

Food for thought.

I wonder if other bloggers have found demographics useful and have tailored their posts with their audience in mind. There’s a huge science to this whole blogging gig that I’m just beginning to unravel.





19 thoughts on “My Blog Demographics Say I Should Be Writing Men’s Fashion Tips

  1. So you can store this datapoint away, I’m in your least-common demographic: being over 50. I guess I could lie about my age, but before you know it, I’d start talking about growing up during the Carter administration, or confusing everyone by talking about “The Cold War” and you all would know.

    You young smarties.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That makes you a very valuable reader because you’re in my rarest demographic! 🙂

      I think it’s very cool. Different generations can have interesting perspectives because they lived through different events, different social movements. I was actually alive during the Carter administration too, though I was too young to appreciate what was going on (I was more focused on crayons and brightly-colored blocks at the time).

      Maybe the blogosphere is a great place for generations to mix because we aren’t all huddled into our age-selected groups. The kiddos stay current and the seasoned players have perspective.

      And you’re obviously tech savvy. I did a workshop a while back about online writing and this poor woman kept asking how she could jam a polaroid into her computer to upload the photo. I bet the teenagers didn’t even know what this “polaroid” thing was, lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Andre 2000 taught them to “shake it like a Polaroid picture” – so the concept survives, although I doubt many can explain the actual meaning of “dial tone” for example (which of course has nothing to do with Polaroids…)

        I think you’re 100% correct about how the virtual world allows much more overlap between communities of age and gender as well.

        Thanks for calling me rare! I’m quite the summertime snowflake.

        Hope you and yours have a great weekend!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Ah, okay! Maybe they know but someday it’s going to look like those 1920’s phones in vintage movies look to us.

          I was just thinking the other day that my generation is probably the last one to say “ding!” after biting a row across corn on the cob. My kids won’t have any idea what that’s about.

          Thank you and you too! 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, Google Analytics! You have to get an assigned tracking number to paste into the right spot and may need an upgraded account (or your own hosted account).

      It has been really interesting to read, though I don’t know that I’ve used the info effectively so far. You can see where people are reading you (I’m popular in Chicago, London, and Texas, apparently) and also the topics that interest your readers (mine like film and television, books, and photos).

      You can also read what consumer goods they like (mine like plane tickets and tech stuff). I’m sure this would be extremely useful on a monitored site because you could get the right ads.

      It’s really fun to check out though


    1. Haha, I’ll try to remember that and sprinkle in a few to consolidate my fan base. 🙂

      Thanks! I figure there’s enough people with different humor styles out there that someone has to be in synch. And so far, parenting is pretty hilarious. Even the frustrating stuff (maybe especially the frustrating stuff)

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  2. I finally got a few the other day and they didn’t disappoint (in the weird anyways). One of them was “radass killer curves that don’t disappoint”. Apparently I did a post that had killer, curves, and disappoint(all seperate) and somehow lead this one to me. Amazing. The other way unexpected one was Pizza Hut Menu. On the other hand, Good luck in your men’s fashion tip blog! I will probably need to read that one.


    1. “radass killer curves that don’t disappoint”? That’s HYSTERICAL.

      It’s so weirdly specific. Like this guy (assuming it’s a guy) is looking for “radass killer” curves, not “amazing curves” or “unbelievable” curves, but radass ones.

      It’s like a odd merge of 80’s and current slang too (I guess, maybe I’m getting out of touch).

      It’s odd that it led to your site too. I’ve never seen you post about radass curves. Poor guy needed non disappointing curves and ended up bitter. Out of all the sites that search could lead him to, he ends up walking into yours…

      Pizza Hut Menu?? I guess you did write about pizza a while back, if I remember correctly.

      Ha, thanks! We’ll see if I end up tackling one. I’ll end up trying to make it funny, I’m sure 🙂


      1. Yeah, that radass killer curves one was pretty random. The Pizza Hut menu I could see. I pretty much put pizza in about every post I do and Pizza Hut is my favorite and I’ve done multiple posts about them. They really should just be paying me.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes I’m remembering you want pizza bushes now, to grow your own pepperoni pizza 🙂

          Haven’t eaten much Pizza Hut, maybe I’ll give them a try (yeah, you convinced me so they should really be paying your my article about slumming it with Red Barron pizza actually got readers to try Red Barron pizza so I definitely think we should be getting a cut)


            1. Me neither, though I don’t think your goat promotion is prompting sales.

              Video games and pizza though, absolutely. Haven’t tried Gears of War…


              1. Yeah, I think sales are pretty much down on goats.
                Thanks goodness pizza is now finally becoming a bit of a sensation from its obscurity thanks to us. And video games are finally having a renaissance after all those down years.
                Gears was my first foray into shooters. But I had some pretty forgiving buddies that helped me through my incompetance at first. It does have campaign co-op if your husband is into games.

                Liked by 1 person

                1. Agreed. I’m glad everyone is finally realizing that pizza and video games are fun. We should pat ourselves on the back for wresting the kale chips out of their mouths.

                  He is a massive video game fan, actually, so that’s a good idea. We’ve never played shooters against each other, weirdly enough.

                  We did get into Age of Empires for a little while, though he never played against me. He would just taunt his friends into playing against me.


                  1. Yeah if it wasn’t for us, people would barely even know pizza and video games existed.
                    In Gears you can actually play cooperatively, though there is always the element of competition to get more kills/loot so there is that. Anyways, you play what you like and there’s only so much time in the day you can play…

                    Liked by 1 person

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