Diet Cheese Drama

The Agony of Tasting Lite Cheese



We accidentally bought the “lite” Babybel cheese and I guess Bridget noticed.

We didn’t mean to. Ours is not a house of low-fat cheese. Or low-fat anything, for that matter.

I didn’t notice it until Brontë dug it out of the fridge and handed it to me. “Open for me, mommy?” she asked. “One for me and one for sister.”

“Okay,” I replied, while snipping into the blue mesh bag. I figured I’d grab a couple of mini cheese circles and start the red wax strip for them. That’s when I noticed it was “lite.”

Ah well, I figured I’d try to slip it past them…

The kids pulled off the rest of the wax and each took a bite.

There is no oppression like toddler oppression

Brontë gave a thousand-yard stare for a moment before politely setting down her cheese circle and leaving the table.

Bridget, on the other hand, got a crazed look in her eye before EATING the red wax in protest then slamming her filthy lying chunk of diet cheese to the ground. She jumped off her chair and started doing what I could only assume was an interpretive dance about the horrors of cheese oppression.

My kids LOVE good cheese and pilfer it all the time. They go on cheese bingers and hide the evidence all over the house. They know EXACTLY what good cheese is supposed to taste like and this clearly wasn’t it.




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