Six Word Story Challenge: Revealing

“Hemlines leaving everything to the imagination…” This was my entry for this week’s Six Word Story Challenge at Sometimes Stellar Storyteller. The theme was “revealing.” Obviously, you could go different directions with this theme: revealing info, revealing gestures, revealing clothing… maybe even write about a youth potion for cows (HAR DEE HAR HAR, couldn’t help it). […]

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Paper Tigers on the Playground

Picture a little girl, aged three or four, with long blonde hair and a pouting round face. Hayley’s forehead hair swoops to her right temple where it’s fixed with a tiny bow. The kind of bow you’d expect to find above poodle ears. Hayley was already playing at the library’s Lego table when Brontë approached her. “Hi!” Brontë […]

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Three Normal Things Movie and TV Characters Never Do

In case you hadn’t already put this together, I’m a huge fan of movies and television. Give me some good dialogue, a well-crafted plot, and I’m on board… whether it’s Breaking Bad or Gravity Falls. But after watching all of these make-believe little universes, I’ve noticed certain quirky conventions common across all genres.  We’re so used to seeing them, we […]

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Won Third Place in the Six Word Story Challenge!

I’m proud to announce my “Should have translated the Chinese before tattooing” entry into the Sometimes Stellar Storyteller’s Six Word Story Challenge came in third place this week. The theme was: impulsive. I’d also like to congratulate fellow bloggers at Kirstwrites and Becoming Unstuck for winning first and second. Good job guys! For this week’s challenge, on the theme […]

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7 Reasons Why Being An Adult Sucks

Having kids can make you rethink childhood, filling your world with new toys and cartoons while bringing up long-forgotten memories about how it felt to be a kid. But lately, I’ve been reassessing adulthood too. Maybe it’s because kid society sets up an obvious parallel, or maybe my mind just tends to wander after hearing the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song for the forty-millionth time. […]

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Conversations With My Cat: Tigers

Violet the Cat: Oooh, ohh… we’ve been wanting to ask you something. Me: Okay, what? Zoë the Cat: We think we’ve figured out what you are. You’re a tigress, right? We’re right Me: Tigress, I like that. But why do you think I’m a tigress? Violet the Cat: Because you’re really big, you bring back […]

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