Conversations With My Cat


On Panicking Whenever I Walk Past Her

Me: Violet, you’ve been my cat for over two years now. If I were planning on eating you, I would’ve done it by now. So you don’t need to jump whenever I walk by.

Violet the Cat: That’s exactly what someone who was planning on eating me would say.


IMG_3239On the Sad Look They Just Gave Me


Me: Why are you looking at me like that? And what are you guys whispering about?

Wylie the Cat: It’s just… you were pregnant for such a LONG time and then you only had one single kitten.

Me: That’s normal for humans. We usually only have one.

Violet the Cat (putting her paw on my arm): I’m sure you do. You did great. Good job on the kitten.

Me: Don’t patronize me, Violet.

On Roger’s Gift

IMG_3183Roger walks in carrying a piece of paper in his mouth. He drops it by the door and stares at me.

Roger the Cat: I brought you something.

Me: Thanks Roger. That’s a very nice piece of paper.

Roger the Cat: I hunted it for you. Did you realize that?

Me: I did. Thank you.

Roger the Cat: It was fearsome.

Me: Yes.

Roger the Cat: Well? Don’t just stare at it, eat it!

Me: I can’t eat that. It’s a piece of paper.

Roger the Cat: FINE. I can’t find any mice, okay?

Me: I still can’t eat it, but I appreciate the gesture.

Roger the Cat (stomping out): WHATEVER.




12 thoughts on “Conversations With My Cat

  1. Those are great! We have similar conversations with our three cats, and we make up dialog for them as well.

    Kyra the Cat: This is my bed.

    Me: It’s all our bed.

    Kyra: It’s not the dogs’ bed.

    Me: They can be up here. Don’t be so mad.

    Kyra: This is my bed.

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    1. Hahaha my cats would totally say that too if we had a dog!

      We will eventually also have a dog. I’m waiting for everyone in the house to be potty trained first, lol.

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      1. Yes, since you have young children, there’s no need to get a dog. We have two, and in some ways, it was like having a toddler again. Especially in trying to pay attention if the dogs have done their business, if you know what I mean.

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  2. weave had catz like that. more scared than not. and weave knevvrrr eaten any of ’em !
    and the thing about the paper. for us, it’s 1/2 or 1/3-eaten dead mice on the doorstep. nice knowin’ they can provide for us, if things get any worse. and they might.

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  3. some cats, maybe. most of ours are pretty adept, especially when one of our dogs (so far, just one dog is also interested in catching mice) joins them. one day a poor mouse was cornerd, or surrroundid, under a car, with a three cats AND THE DOG around the car. i think it got away. but not that many do (get away).


  4. LOL I love cat conversations. I talk to my kitties everyday and they are always little bastards with their responses. They do rule the house though. 🙂

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