Six Word Story Challenge: Impulsive

“Should’ve translated the Chinese before tattooing.”

This was my entry for this week’s Six Word Story Challenge. The prompt was “impulsive.” 🙂

Why not throw in your own entry? It’s so much fun.

Check it out at Sometimes Stellar Storyteller.

5 thoughts on “Six Word Story Challenge: Impulsive

        1. Ha! Well, I had a Korean friend in high school and one time I was flipping through her Korean magazines…

          I was struck by all the picture-perfect, beautiful family photo spreads. They involved lots of gorgeous wives in heels and pearls standing next to successful businessmen and their perfect children.

          There was this one ad of a beautiful kitchen with a son and daughter sitting at the table and a lovely mom standing nearby, wearing an apron and holding a skillet.

          The table had a centerpiece vase on it containing flowers, and on that vase was written: “Old farts never die, they just pass away.”

          My first thought, after “BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” was “Omg, they don’t understand the English written on that vase!”

          My second thought was about how many Asian character decorations we have all over kimonos, tattoos, etc. For all we know, they say “Budweiser.”

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