How to Make Kids Turn Into Bats

I found my daughter Brontë in my bathroom today,  clutching her Minnie Mouse blanket around her like a straightjacket. After staring at the floor for a moment, she flung it open while she made a crazy face. She glanced at the bathroom mirror to see what effect she was having. Disappointed, she regrouped into straightjacket position and tried it again.   Meanwhile, her […]

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Biking Adventures With Extra Diablo Sauce

I’m gonna go out on a crazy limb by saying time management can be tough with children. Everything you do suddenly involves additional complications, like kids who constantly lose their shoes and move REALLY SLOW. Kids are also unbelievably messy. What used to be, say, quick Chinese take-out now involves long periods of post-meal rice grain patrol. Because toddlers are tiny bombs exploding your house 30+ times […]

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Six Word Story Challenge: Insult

Someone just called me “Ma’am.” Again.   That’s my entry for this week’s Six Word Story Challenge at Sometimes Stellar Storyteller. This week’s theme is “insult.” And I’m thinking other women know what I’m talking about here, that moment when your Ma’am to Miss ratio starts getting lopsided. Unless you live in the South, that […]

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