The Monkeys Put Toyotas in Our Pasta

I used to be astounded by how parents could always make sense of the incomprehensible word garbage coming out of their toddlers’ mouths. Some kid would scream “PTHWAAAAAAAACK,” his mom would hand him a glass of water and my mind would be blown by her translating superpowers. How did she DO that!? But now that I’m a parent, I understand […]

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Do Bubbles Really Cause Obesity?

Every once in a while, we long-suffering bloggers check our WordPress stats and are thrilled by a sudden explosion of new views or followers. That’s probably the most awesome thing that can happen to bloggers when checking out our stats,  but a close second has got to be finding out the search terms people used to find our blogs. […]

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My Ghostbuster Confession

As many of you probably know, there’s a large number of disgruntled guys on the internet who have their panties in a bunch about the new Ghostbusters movie, due to its female cast. These guys seem convinced that letting women play ghostbusters would mean nothing is left in the masculine toolbox: Open your eyes to the Feminazi conspiracy, folks! If people start thinking pretend women […]

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Funny Things My Kids Said This Week

Parenting is full of surprises. Some aren’t happy (like finding out you’ll never, ever get to pee by yourself again), whereas others are the hidden gems that make all the late-night wake-ups and surprise wall art worth the hassle. My kids, for example, are incredibly entertaining. Afraid I’d forget, I started writing down the hilarious things they […]

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