Monday Motivations Challenge: Stop what you’re doing, now!

I’ve been a total blogging slacker, because I’m posting writing challenges back to back. I promise everyone yet another riveting episode of middle-class suburban family life real soon.

In the meantime, I have another installment of the Monday Motivations challenge from the esthernewtonblog. This week’s challenge was to write a flash fiction piece of between 50-100 words which somewhere includes the line: “No! Stop what you’re doing. Now!” he yelled. Jump on over if you want to play.

Here’s my entry:

“No! Stop what you’re doing. Now!” he yelled.

It was the first time her father had ever yelled.

MOM was always the one harping on about math grades and coming home past curfew.

Her constant nagging made dad afraid to come home.

When he did, he was always so nice. He took her out for pizza. He undid the locks on her cell phone.

Which was why she told the courts mom would get drunk and hit her.

HE loved her, unlike mom.

But he’d been somehow changing, ever since she’d moved in.


4 thoughts on “Monday Motivations Challenge: Stop what you’re doing, now!

  1. Great story, by the way.

    Don’t apologize for being a slacker. 🙂 You’re allowed to have ebbs and flows, or waxes and waves or whatever the proper phrase should be. And writing challenges are cool too.

    (You don’t need my affirmation or permissions or whatever, but here it is, anyway.)

    Best regards to you and the whole middle-class suburban family of yours!

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    1. Thank you! I never write fiction, so it’s fun to try the exercise. Good to work unused muscles, I think.

      And thank you for your reassurance. I’m always hearing about the importance of posting with regularity, but that can be hard. Sometimes we’re bursting with creative energy, having lots to say, while at other times we’re tapped out.

      Probably best to follow the rhythms than try to force it 🙂

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      1. Right! Although I’m a weird example, since I have self-imposed deadlines on me for my Game of Thrones posts, so I try to write as much as I can and schedule them in advance.

        But the off-the-cuff postings, they just show up when they do. But I could probably post more. (It would be good for me to try and put out some shorter things, more frequently, since I tend to write long, rambly things. Like how this comment is turning out …

        Anyway, and you already know this, your autobiographical style is great, and I am sure your fiction exercises will be equally cool.

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        1. Ah, scheduling is a good idea! That spaces everything out nicely…

          Thank you, and I like your style too! I know exactly what you mean about writing long. I was always the kid going way over my page limit in school. I’m fighting to write shorter too, because we all know people are busy and don’t want to read longwinded blogs.

          I feel you on this: I’ve heard 500 words or so is a good limit for blog posts, but it’s so hard!!!

          I’m thinking these writing exercises with word count limits will help me. 🙂

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