When Cat People Bring a Dog Home

My typical sleeping arrangement

So you may have caught on from earlier posts that I’m generally a cat person. Cats just make sense to me: they’re calm, dignified and will cuddle you while you’re reading a book or watching a movie.

Dogs, on the other hand, can stress me out. They have all this jumpy energy and need constant validation.

But a crazy thing happened a few days ago when my husband and I went out to eat at one of our favorite Sacramento restaurants. We sat on the patio, right next to volunteers from the local animal shelter who were also eating lunch. They brought some dogs.

And when I turned around, one of those dogs was staring at me: A little yellow dog with a curly tail. One ear sticking up and the other down. We locked eyes…

I smiled. He wagged his tail, ran over, and started licking my hand.

And suddenly, I had a dog.

Like I could say no

His name is “Douglas” and I’m still not sure how it happened. I can only assume Douglas pulled some kind of crazy dog sorcery because everything is a blur until the part where I’m filling out paperwork then driving home with a little yellow dog curled up on my lap, hoping he wasn’t about to attack our four cats.

Here’s what happened:

  • My husband and I walked into our house with Douglas trotting after us. The cats were all lounging about, lazily cleaning their ears until they suddenly noticed a dog in their wake. They froze, poofing up to 3X their original size.


  • Douglas wagged his tail then trotted up to Raj, our enormous stripey cat, who promptly punched Douglas across the face.


  • Instead of fighting back, Douglas backed off. This was wise, because he was outnumbered. The cats didn’t bother him again.
  •  I went to sleep that night with Douglas curled up next to me when Violet, our shy black-and-white kitty-cat jumped into bed. She usually sleeps there.

Everything was fine until she realized she had a dog next to her, whereupon her tail blew up like a Christmas tree before she bounced across the room. She jumped onto the desk where she gave Douglas a cold, murderous, death stare FOR AN HOUR.

Frankly, I was a little creeped out.

  • Douglas is chewing EVERYTHING. Apparently, the squeaky duck and badger toys we got him just aren’t cutting it. I left the living room for two minutes and came back to find a cantelope-sized hole in the rug.

This is especially problematic because our kids still leave their crap all over the house. He’s been choking down Legos, left and right, and likes to eat princess dolls.

I’m trying to make the best of it by telling the kids they have to clean up their toys before they get eaten. This is a crash course in toy management.

  • Bridget is compulsively feeding the dog. She’s throwing lunch and dinner on the floor and shoving food in his mouth all day. Either the novelty will wear off soon, or Douglas is about to get really fat.


  • Brontë is revealing in the dog’s shenanigans because it gives her an excuse to boss him around. Four-year-old girls can be really bossy. All day, I’m hearing “DOUG-LAS! That is NOT your princess mermaid doll! YOU PLAY WITH YOUR DUCK!”


The transition hasn’t been entirely smooth. Still, John had to drop Douglas back off at the shelter to get neutered yesterday and the poor guy was shaking,  refusing to leave the car. He must’ve thought we were sending him back.

When we picked him up and brought him home again, he was sooooooo happy.

Don’t worry, little Douglas. We’ll make this work.







14 thoughts on “When Cat People Bring a Dog Home

    1. Haha, the cats definitely aren’t putting up with any crap from him! 🙂 He seems to respect their authority, so I’m thinking everything will work out fine. 😻😻😻😻🐶

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Aw, he’s super cute! It’s frustrating when they’re babies and eat everything in sight. My friend’s dog likes to eat the eyes off of stuffed animals. It’s really creepy haha. Maybe Bronte can whip him into shape like she did the cat!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That WOULD be creepy! Kids toys are almost creepy already…

      I’m thinking he needs some better stuff to chew on, and Brontë is definitely bossing him around. If she can train cats, a dog should be cake.

      And she LOVES being the boss of him.


  2. My dog loved to chew on baseboards. That’s when I noticed we hadn’t been giving her as much exercise as she was used to and needed because my husband and I got busy. I assume she got bored and decided eating baseboards was fun enough to pass the time. Anyway, try getting your new puppy outside for more playtime. At the very least, it’ll keep him from packing on the pounds with all the extra food!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Good advice, I’ll definitely try that! I see lots of parks in our future to tire out both him and the girls.

      And we have to get him walking on a leash. They kind of freak him out now…

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  3. That’s very sweet and kind of y’all to take in another pet, and I am so happy with your willingness to make things work with Douglas.

    We have 3 cats, and they had established their routines and zones of control for years, when we introduced our pug Chi Chi into the mix. And then we added Peanut the puggle. I know all about cats giving dogs the stink-eye.

    Best regards, and I hope everything goes smoothly with Douglas, the kids, the cats, the kids toys on the floor, etc.

    He looks adorable in that video, smooching your daughter.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Aww, I’ve always loved pugs!

      Yeah, our cats had their social hierarchy all sorted until we brought a dog in and destabilized the region, lol. After only a couple of days, they’re ignoring each other, so I think it will be okay.

      I do feel bad about Violet though. She was feral and it took me a year to tame her… now she’s scared to sit on my lap or curl up on my bed. I’m guessing Raj will eventually get along with the dog and show all the other cats it’s okay. He seems to be the alpha cat, the one that punched poor Douglas in the face just to make a strong first impression.

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  4. It’s just nice to balance out your cats so you don’t become a complete cat lady. 🙂 It’s pretty funny that he has one of those cones on his head too. And nice that Bronte has someone to boss around.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The poor guy got *tutored* at the Vets and has to wear that for a week.

      Haha, I’d already be crazy cat lady if it weren’t for the husband and kids. I’m generally a fan of animals… I’ve had rats, mice, rabbits, birds… probably missed my calling as a Druid.

      It is funny, though, hearing my daughter boss the dog around. She’ll get him in shape.


      1. I’m hoping that your daughter’s husband is really good at taking instructions. 🙂 She sounds like a real good take charge kind of girl. And no need to ever get an animal trainer, cause she is on it.

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  5. We use toddler doors to trap destructive animals into a small area until they grow out of it, they grow out of it. Cats & dogs are very compatable, if they can survive the first day. And the kids will learn to move things out of the dogs way. Ha ha I made mine. Everything will be great.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! At least the dog is making them better about picking up their toys!

      The cats and dogs seem to be getting on alright now. Sometimes the dog tries to play with them by barking and rolling around next to them, which freaks them out- but at least no one is getting hurt, lol. We just got a dog with RIDICULOUS energy– he’s not mean though. 🙂

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