An Open Letter to My Controversial Facebook Friends

chuckA couple weeks ago, I finally had to block someone on Facebook.

See, we all come from different backgrounds and have had unique life experiences, so I’m okay with different religious, political, and philosophical points of view.

That doesn’t mean I won’t find them irritating, occasionally argue with you, or find myself trying to calculate the potential damage to our relationship if I were to post the Snopes link debunking everything you just said.

We can still be friends, though. Even as this agonizing election season has tested our mutual tolerance. I believe that everyone has a right to their own perspective, assuming no one’s invoking the swastika.

But when you post spoilers an hour before The Walking Dead Season 7 premier comes on, you’ve crossed my line.

Seriously, one of my friends did that.

season_six_neganAnd despite my forgiving nature, when I saw those Walking Dead names scroll across her feed, I could only think: If these are accurate, you and I are done. 

Well, they were and we are. She must’ve watched the show in a different time zone or something.

You may be wondering why this is a bigger deal-breaker for me than politics and religion, so let me explain: someone who disagrees with you politically might still be an awesome person, even having your exact same end-goals in mind, but believe a different strategy would be most effective…

And someone who tries to convert you to their religion wants to save your soul from eternal torment. Their heart’s probably in the right place, even if they’re misguided.

But posting spoilers right before The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere couldn’t be motivated by anything pure.

And to post it one hour before it aired. Right when everyone was getting amped up to finally see the dramatic conclusion, you throw the whole artistic experience straight into the toilet.

governor-meme-walking-dead-david-morrisseyWhy would you do that? Did you honestly believe your friends, who were finally settling down to resolve the biggest six-month cliffhanger of the six long years they’ve invested in the show, would react to your ruining it by thinking, “Wow, she really had the jump on us. She must be crazy smart!”

Or was it pure hostility? A cry for attention? The delusional belief that the events on The Walking Dead are actual occurrences, representing urgent mysteries in the world of crime we need to get solved as soon as possible?

I don’t know, except it’s more than anyone should have to put up with.

Politics and religion aside, you can’t come back from this. You just can’t.



7 thoughts on “An Open Letter to My Controversial Facebook Friends

    1. Yeah, that just blew my mind. Was she *trying* not to have any friends?

      Hey, no worries. I was out for a while because I was moving and getting internet access and also need to catch up with everyone. Life is busy.

      Doing great, though! Love my new city and getting ready to vote in what’s probably the most controversial American election since Lincoln’s, lol

      How have you been?? 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Which city?! sorry I probably asked before but I have a pea brain for memory 😛 Glad to know you’re settling down well there 🙂
        Oh yeah can’t imagine what it must feel like living through this crazy election. It feels like something out of tv even for ppl like me who aren’t in the US,but the consequences are alive and real. Good luck i guess haha 🙂
        I’ve been good 🙂 I wish my holiday were longer,still missing it!

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        1. Sorry for the late reply, but we’ve in in a whirlwind over here since the election (you’ve probably heard, lol). Just getting my bearings, wondering whether or not to go all political on my blog or just keep it to myself. 🙂

          We moved to Fair Oaks, but that’s a little place no one out of the area would hear about… it’s not far from Sacramento. A cute little artsy suburb with old neighborhoods, a retro downtown and nearby river. We love it so far.

          I still need to check out your postings about your awesome holiday. Looks like you went all over the place :):):)

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