My Un-Adult Confession

I’m afraid of ghosts, even though I don’t believe in ghosts. To start with, it doesn’t make sense that most ghosts come from the 19th century. Where are all the old guys in Bermuda shorts? You never hear about mundane ghost problems like Uncle Rob eating all the mixed nuts every time you leave the room. […]

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The World From Three Feet Up

My four-year-old daughter snagged my phone the other day. It was the huge pile of blurry photos at weird angles in my photo library that tipped me off. At first, I was annoyed by all random shots, but the more I looked… the more I realized what an interesting window they were into how our enormous world […]

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Squirrel Power!

The house we moved into a couple of months ago has a big, beautiful orange tree in the backyard. I know the oranges weren’t ripe when we first moved in because my daughter Bridget would compulsively pick them before running over to me–screaming “ORANGE PLEASE” like she was warning me about an impending Viking attack–until I peeled them. […]

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Little Pink Boxes Made of Ticky-Tacky…

For today’s post, I was inspired to try something different: a freehand comic strip! The only problem is… I don’t know anything about making panels or drawing on computers, which complicates things. But was I gonna let my complete ignorance and total incompetence stop me? Hell no! So here goes… and I swear I’m going to get much better at this.

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My Super Bowl Confession

I have a deep dark confession to make. Are you ready? I have no idea who’s playing in the Super Bowl later today. Or where it is. Apparently, it’s Super Bowl #51, but I just had to look that up. In fact, I’d forgotten that the Super Bowl was even happening until one of my Facebook […]

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Monster Attacks as a Teaching Tool

Some parents bribe their kids when faced with an avalanche of tantrums and whining. There are entire discussion threads devoted to the most effective toddler bribes. Other parents resort to scare tactics. A friend of mine once warned her daughter not to scream in grocery stores because monsters would hear her. Many people, especially those who place honesty at […]

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Why Mummies are Good At Camping

The other day, my four-year-old daughter abruptly stopped building her Lego princess skyscrapers to stare off into the distance, clearly lost in thought. After a while, she turned to me and said, “You know… mummies would always have toilet paper on them.” I laughed, which was not okay. “That’s NOT funny!” She’s fond of mummies, so maybe […]

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