The World From Three Feet Up

My four-year-old daughter snagged my phone the other day. It was the huge pile of blurry photos at weird angles in my photo library that tipped me off.

At first, I was annoyed by all random shots, but the more I looked… the more I realized what an interesting window they were into how our enormous world appears to a tiny child.

My daughter doesn’t know anything about framing or technique or what she’s supposed to find beautiful. Her take is still completely authentic and unfiltered… and involves following cats.







27 thoughts on “The World From Three Feet Up

  1. Wow! That is fantastic! I still have a very brief memory from when I was a little less than two and I remember how the world was so tall to me. Your daughters pictures are priceless. Someday when she’s older you’ll have to bring those pics out again for her

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    1. I think it’s interesting how her point of view seems closer to the cat’s than it is to an adult’s… stair railings are massive gates, wall corners are like mountains.

      I want to give her a camera and have her take pictures all day in a bunch of different places. Wonder if seeing them triggers memories in us adults about when the world used to look like that 🙂

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  2. my toddler does the same thing! He’s so vain, loves to watch himself on the camera. I have prints of the first photo he took, blurry and hard to discern but beautiful in its nature

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    1. Haha, that’s so my girls. They’ll stare at themselves in the mirror, pose, and take pictures… whenever they’re not asking me to take pictures of them, haha. It’s so vain but adorable at the same time 🙂


  3. I guess this is why in our childhood memories, everything seems so much larger than life! My daughter has stolen my phone sometimes and taken some accidental awesome shots! She once took a pic of my mom where she is laughing so naturally and my mom calls that her favorite pic of herself!

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    1. True! Things are also so much bigger compared to us when we’re smaller.

      My kids have gotten their hands on my phone a few times and while some of the photos are blurry, others are really good. It’s kind of a different, raw perspective. They snap photos of moments that we adults consider unimportant, but the world is still new and mysterious to kids… so I think they see beauty in angles we don’t think about anymore, if that makes sense. That’s neat that your daughter took a great photo of her grandma Maybe we also let down our guard more in front of children, so they can grab photos of us at our most natural.

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  4. I love these! My daughter (age 2) took lots of pictures of her silver wellington boots last weekend with my expensive camera! It’s lovely to see the world from a toddler perspective and see what they love 😀

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    1. Thank you, I love them too! I was thinking about how the world is still so new and mysterious to children… they might find beauty in everyday objects and different angles that we wouldn’t even notice anymore. It makes you see that mystery again, which is part of the wonder of having kids.

      I love the image of a tiny girl in Wellingtons taking photos. 🙂

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  5. Sometimes the most “interesting” photos I take with the phone are the accidental ones. I don’t know what that says about me…or my phone. A camera phone in the hands of a little one sounds like a project worth pursuing. Their point-of-view could truly be a “candid camera” experience.

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    1. I think the accidental photos can seem less staged, or make us see things at a different angle.

      I like the idea of giving my kids a phone and letting them go crazy with it, too. Maybe in the woods or at a zoo or park. It’s interesting to see what they think is significant.

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