Reflections of Generation X

Hey, I hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day! I should probably get my ducks in a row by preparing timely holiday posts, but I’m too busy celebrating with my family and am apparently not great at planning ahead. We had a nice time swimming and eating a good meal with my folks, at any […]

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Love in Darkness

Sometimes, I wish I lived in my five-year-old’s universe. It’s a magical land of unbridled optimism. Just the other night, she proudly announced that the moon loves her. “How do you know?” I asked. “Because it’s always following me,” she said. Pointing to the sky, she hopped up and down with excitement: “Look, it’s doing […]

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Weekly Weirdness

Lately, I’ve been admiring the Weekly Roundups some of my fellow bloggers have been posting and I want to try it too! But here’s my spin: I’d like to share a few funny exchanges I had with my weird kids this week, then mention some reactions the week’s topics: Our Ridiculous Dog Brontë (looking very […]

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For the Love Of Bunny

Maybe because wild imaginations often lead to paranoia, I’ve never been much of a natural saleswoman. I can still remember wondering, as a tiny child, exactly what the fifth dentist had against Trident gum. So, given my cynical streak, I find my 5-year-old’s natural salesmanship startling. Maybe it’s her wild optimism.  She almost already sold me the impossible, just the other day… Brontë: Mom? […]

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The Wonderful World of Marketing

You might’ve noticed that Bubbles and Beebots looks different now. I may keep on tweaking it until I’m happy. But see, B&B is now getting enough foot traffic to receive advertising invitations and I had to rework its layout into a more ads-friendly theme. Which is kind of exciting, though I won’t be expecting more than pocket change for […]

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