Love in Darkness

Sometimes, I wish I lived in my five-year-old’s universe. It’s a magical land of unbridled optimism.

Just the other night, she proudly announced that the moon loves her.

“How do you know?” I asked.

“Because it’s always following me,” she said. Pointing to the sky, she hopped up and down with excitement:

“Look, it’s doing it again!”

6 thoughts on “Love in Darkness

  1. That’s adorable! And it reminds me of a Superman story. He tells Lois about a little cat he had growing up (I’ll spare the full details or else I’ll cry) and when it passed, he buried it on the Moon so the cat could watch over him.

    Hearing about your daughter’s personal relationship with the Moon (maybe it does love her, who knows?) was a nice reminder of that. And how we can all make the Moon mean something to us.

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    1. I never heard that story! Course, I only know so much about Superman. It sounds lovely.

      I thought it was a neat sense of her feelings… if a child thought the moon was following them, they could also be intimidated. I like her way better.

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