My Daughter Slams Me For Not Taking Her to France Already

My five-year-old daughter and I are eating lunch when she casually starts reminiscing…

Brontë: So I really enjoyed seeing the Eiffel Tower with you…

Me: We haven’t been there yet.

Brontë: Yeah, I’m PRETENDING.

Me: Oh, okay. So, we could see the entire city from far above…

Brontë: Because SOMEONE hasn’t taken me yet.

Me: We will go someday. I promise.

Brontë: Can we get a baguette?

Me: Yes–you know what that is?

Brontë: Yeah, a giant bread. Can we see Madeline?

Me: Well, Madeline is pretend, but we can see the places she goes.

Brontë: Can we say “Bonjour” to people?

Me: Of course! They’ll like that… you should always say “bonjour” to people in France.

Brontë: That means “goodbye,”

Me: No, it means “good day.”

Brontë: Yeah, like saying “bye.”

Me: No, it’s more like saying, “Hello.”

Brontë: You’re being RIDICULOUS, mom.

So… color me shocked that my five-year-old already knows about the Eiffel Tower and baguettes and how to say “bonjour.”

I suppose I am taking French classes and watching French films and maybe she’s picked something up. Even if she’s questioning my basic French knowledge and shaming me for not already have taken her to Paris, she seems fairly culturally adept for a toddler.


10 thoughts on “My Daughter Slams Me For Not Taking Her to France Already

  1. Whoa, so many posts to get caught up on! I’ve been bad about reading the blogs from my bloggo-friends. (I’ve been preoccupied, now that my show is back on the air.)

    It’s sweet that Bronte imagines seeing places with you.

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    1. Well, I did dump a bunch of posts out in one night 🙂

      I know what you mean, though! Things get busy and I try to keep up, but know I miss posts from my blogging buddies sometimes- much as I try to catch them all.

      You must so happy GoT is on! I’ve missed it too. Btw, you might want to check out the GoT recaps at because they’re done in street slang and very entertaining. The guy manages to capture the mood and character motivations well from a completely different angle- thought of you when I saw them 🙂

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        1. It IS a problem, I must admit. Just the other day, I was driving with one hand and drinking coffee with the other when some highwayman starts demanding all my gold…

          Knocked my coffee over while swinging my dueling pistol to the other side and boy, was THAT awkward… 🙂

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