Back in The Game

dayMy husband John likes to say the problem with not showing up is that it gets harder and harder to show up the longer you go without showing up.

He’s referring to cutting classes whenever he says this, since that was one of his youthful follies and he apparently never used my trick of establishing good attendance and work ethic before taking calculated cuts (professors will assume you have your reasons), but really, this principle works for anything.

Like blogging, for example. I haven’t written in ages now. I kept meaning to, but then we had soccer games and Girl Scout Cookie sales and boy, kindergarten homework really ramped up, all of a sudden, until blogging started falling off the agenda, day after day…

Milestones took place without being recorded, funny stuff happened and was forgotten, and comments went unanswered for weeks. Like John says, it’s awkward to jump right in after a long absence…

But I’m gonna do it because otherwise, I’ll be jumping straight from posts about potty-training to driver’s ed or selecting an appropriate college. That just can’t happen.


13 thoughts on “Back in The Game

  1. You’re a naturally gifted writer. Every author takes a hiatus and their fans are always there waiting for the next endorsement. Now you have just teased great new material and your fan base awaits to hear Bridget and Brontes great adventures. For example I’d like to see an article dedicated to grandmas fart pocket, Bidgies manual butt check process or how Catfish can mess up a bed. Seeing a common thread, but all funny…

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  2. Welcome back! I’ve been slack as well, since I’m trying to space out time in-between Game of Thrones posts, since we have like 14 months to go. Hopefully you’ll get the proper encouragement to ease back into blogging on the regular.

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        1. Seems to be a growing trend with tv shows too—what with The Walking Dead having these mid season finales and giant breaks… I guess they know we’ll put up with it.

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  3. Erin, I recently posted for the first time in about a year. I take “walkabouts” all the time away from blogging. Don’t plan to…life happens. Glad to see you’re back at it. Have a great day, Bruce

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    1. Thanks Bruce! I feel bad when I get behind but you’re right… life happens. We mostly write these blogs as labors of love and shouldn’t burn ourselves out. Glad you’re back at it too! 🙂

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