Invisible Friends to the Rescue

aliceI was getting the kids into the car the other day, after hanging out a local park, when I discovered a back seatbelt was jammed.

It absolutely wouldn’t budge. I thought about how we’re technically allowed to put a kid in the front seat when the back is full before kicking myself again for not buying one of those portable, blow-up booster seat thingees…

Me: Well, crap… this seatbelt is stuck. I don’t know what’s wrong with it.

Brontë: How are we gonna get home?

Me: Brontë, you’re going to sit in the front seat.

Brontë: YES.

Me: We’re not really supposed to do that unless there’s another kid in the car, but…

Brontë: But there *IS* another kid in the car. She’s invisible. She’s a black girl and her name is “Violet.” She’s very nice, but very shy so she doesn’t say much. Her hair is long in the front and she has dark eyes and…

Bridget: She has green eyes?


(Good to know they’ve got my back.)

2 thoughts on “Invisible Friends to the Rescue

    1. Haha, I often feel as though it’s my job to guide her cunning in the right direction so she doesn’t start running an Evil Empire someday! The possibilities are endless…

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