When Household Vermin Demand Catering

My daughter Brontë has a special blue cup we keep in the bathroom for rinsing out her mouth after brushing her teeth.

She’s quite attached to it, so I was nervous about what I was about to tell her.

Me: Umm… we may need to throw out your blue cup.

Brontë: WHAT? WHY?

Me: Because I used it to trap a spider last night.

Brontë: OH. That makes sense.

spiderMe: Or we could clean it. It’s up to you, but we can throw out Spider Cup if you want.

Brontë: Let’s just clean it. I’m used to spiders now. There’s one living in my room but I haven’t seen it for a while.

Me: Oh? Well, most houses have spiders living in them somewhere. What does it look like?

Brontë: It’s brown. About *this* big (making a dinner-plate-sized circle with her hands] and she keeps stomping around, asking for fly pizza.

Me: I see.


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