When Cat People Bring a Dog Home

So you may have caught on from earlier posts that I’m generally a cat person. Cats just make sense to me: they’re calm, dignified and will cuddle you while you’re reading a book or watching a movie. Dogs, on the other hand, can stress me out. They have all this jumpy energy and need constant validation. But a crazy thing […]

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Biking Adventures With Extra Diablo Sauce

I’m gonna go out on a crazy limb by saying time management can be tough with children. Everything you do suddenly involves additional complications, like kids who constantly lose their shoes and move REALLY SLOW. Kids are also unbelievably messy. What used to be, say, quick Chinese take-out now involves long periods of post-meal rice grain patrol. Because toddlers are tiny bombs exploding your house 30+ times […]

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Conversations With My Cat: Tigers

Violet the Cat: Oooh, ohh… we’ve been wanting to ask you something. Me: Okay, what? Zoë the Cat: We think we’ve figured out what you are. You’re a tigress, right? We’re right Me: Tigress, I like that. But why do you think I’m a tigress? Violet the Cat: Because you’re really big, you bring back […]

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Conversations With My Cat

On Panicking Whenever I Walk Past Her Me: Violet, you’ve been my cat for over two years now. If I were planning on eating you, I would’ve done it by now. So you don’t need to jump whenever I walk by. Violet the Cat: That’s exactly what someone who was planning on eating me would […]

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Toddler Kitty Hijinx

Heard some maniacal laughter earlier today, so I walked into the loft and found this face. The look on this face said: Umm… What? Nah, I’m just standing here. I did NOT just lock a cat in the guinea pig cage then laugh hysterically. Not sure what the cat’s face is saying though. We have some patient […]

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