The Princess and the Viking

As I’ve mentioned before, I walked into parenting thinking most gender norms were social constructs. Not wanting to cram my daughter into a pink box from the get-go, I painted her room green, bought her gender-neutral toys, and avoided onesies that said crap like “I’m so pretty” like the plague. And… I still ended up […]

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Gorillas On The Playground

So, yesterday I took the girls to the local park to get some exercise, never realizing what mean-girl psychodramas were about to unfold. Bridget immediately begged to be pushed on the swings, but I told her to GO PLAY. All morning they’d been chewing up the couch like overwrought labradors who needed to work off some adrenalin. Which would never […]

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Little Pink Boxes Made of Ticky-Tacky…

For today’s post, I was inspired to try something different: a freehand comic strip! The only problem is… I don’t know anything about making panels or drawing on computers, which complicates things. But was I gonna let my complete ignorance and total incompetence stop me? Hell no! So here goes… and I swear I’m going to get much better at this.

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Sly Like a Fox: How An Alpha Dad Conquered the World of Fairy Farts

I really don’t think we give dads enough credit for parenting prowess. Of course I’m talking generalities here, but just look at all those comedy films about inept fathers tragically left to watch the kids… all by themselves. The poor fools always end up fumbling the job, pouring waffle batter into the toaster oven while an ominous mountain […]

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My Liberal Hangover

“You should’ve been at the election night party. People were going CRAZY. Alice and Lindsay even started crying. Now, I’m not happy that Trump was elected or anything, but crying? That’s so over the top.” My buddy probably assumed I’d agree with him, since I’m usually more about logical, rational discussions than a bunch of melodrama. Except […]

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