Western Faces in the Moon

At some point during my childhood, I read that Chinese people don’t see a man in the moon, like we do. They see a teacup. And for decades now, I’ve been trying to teacup that moon man’s face. I figured I could do it, since I see upside-down nuns in the metal part of the […]

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My Un-Adult Confession

I’m afraid of ghosts, even though I don’t believe in ghosts. To start with, it doesn’t make sense that most ghosts come from the 19th century. Where are all the old guys in Bermuda shorts? You never hear about mundane ghost problems like Uncle Rob eating all the mixed nuts every time you leave the room. […]

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Why Mummies are Good At Camping

The other day, my four-year-old daughter abruptly stopped building her Lego princess skyscrapers to stare off into the distance, clearly lost in thought. After a while, she turned to me and said, “You know… mummies would always have toilet paper on them.” I laughed, which was not okay. “That’s NOT funny!” She’s fond of mummies, so maybe […]

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The 7 Deadly Holidays

Last week, a friend of mine wished everyone on Facebook a happy Thanksgiving by calling it the “eat whatever you want without feeling guilty” holiday. She’s right, of course. Officially, Thanksgiving is about being grateful, but we all know the main focus is usually on making a ridiculous amount of food then trying to eat as […]

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Murder, Card Catalogues, and Birthdays

It’s been well over a week’s since I’ve posted and high time I wrote something, before I completely lose momentum… We’ve been in the depths of home-buying hell lately, scrambling to compete for limited Sacramento inventory while trying to sell our house to folks who don’t want to risk contingencies. Moving from a lower-demand area to a higher one […]

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