Little Pink Boxes Made of Ticky-Tacky…

For today’s post, I was inspired to try something different: a freehand comic strip! The only problem is… I don’t know anything about making panels or drawing on computers, which complicates things. But was I gonna let my complete ignorance and total incompetence stop me? Hell no! So here goes… and I swear I’m going to get much better at this.

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Girl Farts and Water Faucets

According to a survey recently covered by Glamour and Women’s Health, most people start farting around their significant others sometime between two and six months of dating. About ten percent let it rip from the start. Reading this reminded me of something a guy friend posted on Facebook. He had seen a female coworker walk into the […]

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Why Sitting Up is Awesome

Bridget can now sit up all by herself and is really having fun with it. She lays on her back and pops up repeatedly like a little prairie dog. She must have killer abs. Part of the joy of having children is getting to see the world all over again with new eyes. Most things about the […]

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YouBeauty Removes My Comment

Yesterday, I posted about a “Daily Aha!” article from YouBeauty entitled “Pick Your Pregnancy” that went out to inboxes everywhere. For those of you who don’t know, Youbeauty is part of Dr. Oz’s health and beauty empire. Subscribers get daily inbox fare about current scientific health studies and beauty advice. This article, with the byline […]

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