Why Sitting Up is Awesome

Bridget can now sit up all by herself and is really having fun with it. She lays on her back and pops up repeatedly like a little prairie dog. She must have killer abs. Part of the joy of having children is getting to see the world all over again with new eyes. Most things about the […]

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Halloween Penguins in Baby Class

I’m not usually one to fuss about food presentation. Typically, I just want it to taste good, and that’s usually enough to keep me busy. But when my aunt’s new boyfriend brought a bunch of penguins to a family get-together, I knew I would have to copy it at some point. They are just so cute. […]

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How To Sleep Like a Baby

It’s easy. Wake up every hour and scream your fool head off. Done and done. We have all been hoodwinked by the phrase “sleeping like a baby.” It’s supposed to mean falling asleep quickly, sleeping soundly without stirring, and waking up fully refreshed. It refers to the glorious sleep of the innocents… The complete slumber that only those untroubled by […]

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My Kids Are Turning Into Cats

As mentioned in an earlier post, our cats like to babysit our children. Since John is gone at work most of the day, that leaves just me and four giant cats to raise the baby monkeys. I’m clearly outnumbered and think my kids are  starting to go native. Case in point: Bridget loves apples (and I […]

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