Back in The Game

My husband John likes to say the problem with not showing up is that it gets harder and harder to show up the longer you go without showing up. He’s referring to cutting classes whenever he says this, since that was one of his youthful follies and he apparently never used my trick of establishing […]

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The Wonderful World of Marketing

You might’ve noticed that Bubbles and Beebots looks different now. I may keep on tweaking it until I’m happy. But see, B&B is now getting enough foot traffic to receive advertising invitations and I had to rework its layout into a more ads-friendly theme. Which is kind of exciting, though I won’t be expecting more than pocket change for […]

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Bubbles and Beebots In the News!

Yesterday was Bridget’s 3rd birthday. She spent the daylight hours indulging in cookies, cat-stalking and sunshine in the kind of present-moment-savoring paradise that most adults wish they still had the freedom to enjoy. She was playing on the porch swing when her big sister Brontë put one of Douglas’s dog toys in her mouth, barking and crawling around on the ground. Oh […]

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My Childfree Post Hits a Nerve

Stephen King once said that if you intend to write as truthfully as you can, your days as a member of polite society will be numbered. And I’m finding his point reassuring as I watch my 5 Points I Want the Childfree to Consider article get shredded across the childfree subreddit community. I’ve never spent much time on Reddit, […]

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Six Word Story Challenge: Worship

After a hiatus, I’m back with the Six Word Story Challenges… These are so fun! You write a story using only six words, based on the weekly theme. This week’s theme is “worship” and the challenge is open from Saturday 19th November 2016 – Friday 25th November 2016. Anyone can play! Check it out at: Sometimes […]

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Bob, The Pyramid Construction Guy, Has It Out With His Wife

I’ve talked before about how cool it is that anyone can blog now. Maybe everything published isn’t as polished as it used to be, but at least everyone’s voice can be heard. It’s neat that future generations will have so many records of what we everyday folks were thinking, even if those thoughts mostly consist of bitching about annoying coworkers, talking […]

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Monday Motivations Challenge: Stop what you’re doing, now!

I’ve been a total blogging slacker, because I’m posting writing challenges back to back. I promise everyone yet another riveting episode of middle-class suburban family life real soon. In the meantime, I have another installment of the Monday Motivations challenge from the esthernewtonblog. This week’s challenge was to write a flash fiction piece of between 50-100 words which somewhere […]

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