Reflections of Generation X

Hey, I hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day! I should probably get my ducks in a row by preparing timely holiday posts, but I’m too busy celebrating with my family and am apparently not great at planning ahead. We had a nice time swimming and eating a good meal with my folks, at any […]

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The Wonderful World of Marketing

You might’ve noticed that Bubbles and Beebots looks different now. I may keep on tweaking it until I’m happy. But see, B&B is now getting enough foot traffic to receive advertising invitations and I had to rework its layout into a more ads-friendly theme. Which is kind of exciting, though I won’t be expecting more than pocket change for […]

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Do Bubbles Really Cause Obesity?

Every once in a while, we long-suffering bloggers check our WordPress stats and are thrilled by a sudden explosion of new views or followers. That’s probably the most awesome thing that can happen to bloggers when checking out our stats,  but a close second has got to be finding out the search terms people used to find our blogs. […]

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My Blog Demographics Say I Should Be Writing Men’s Fashion Tips

As I’ve previously mentioned, dedicated bloggers can find detailed information about who’s checking out their blogs. They can find out how popular they are with different age groups, for example, or in different cities, and what kinds of topics interest their readers. There are so many blogs out there that figuring out your niche is critical for growing an audience, […]

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Bizarre Search Terms

When you have a WordPress account, your Stats page provides info about your blog readership. Stuff like how many hits you’ve gotten today, what countries they’re coming from, and any search terms that were used that lead to your site. Well apparently, today someone navigated to my site after entering “what is a d1ck beebot” into […]

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