Everyone In Our House Has A Cat

I’m a cat person. In fact, this was very nearly a cat blog instead of a mommy blog. Occasionally, cat-themed posts have still found their way in, like that time I was trying to figure out why hating cats is so popular. I even started pulling them in order to start a separate kitty blog until I figured out how maintaining both would […]

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Conversations With My Cat: Tigers

Violet the Cat: Oooh, ohh… we’ve been wanting to ask you something. Me: Okay, what? Zoë the Cat: We think we’ve figured out what you are. You’re a tigress, right? We’re right Me: Tigress, I like that. But why do you think I’m a tigress? Violet the Cat: Because you’re really big, you bring back […]

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Conversations With My Cat

On Panicking Whenever I Walk Past Her Me: Violet, you’ve been my cat for over two years now. If I were planning on eating you, I would’ve done it by now. So you don’t need to jump whenever I walk by. Violet the Cat: That’s exactly what someone who was planning on eating me would […]

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