What Kind Of Parent Are You?

Before I had kids, I knew exactly what kind of parent I would be. I’d be the kind who: Makes their kid wonderful meals from scratch and teaches them to love eating healthy sophisticated foods, and Reasonably explains why screaming in public is a bad idea and therefore has super well-behaved kids in public. And […]

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Why I’m A Mean Mommy

I really try not to be a judgey parent, because I know how judged we already feel. But sometimes it’s hard not to be. For example, we were attending a pool party when another mom warned me about my daughter’s soon-to-be kindergarten teacher: “Miss Virtue is old and rigid and just doesn’t understand my son Dougie’s needs. He’s a very […]

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Carrots, Sticks, and Goldilocks Parenting

Parenting is infinitely complicated, but for the sake of discussion, I’m going to greatly oversimplify it by saying it all comes down to managing the carrot and the stick. Some parents are into the stick-heavy approach, meaning they believe in high expectations, firm discipline and obedience. They believe children are naturally defiant, lazy, and need to be wrestled into social conformity […]

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The Underrated World of Daddy Hacks

I’d like to begin today’s posting by stating the obvious: men and women are raised differently. And I think these different expectations result in different parenting approaches. Women, for example, are brought up with thousands of idealized images floating in our heads… snapshots of how a perfect life is supposed to look. This is the perfect outfit, the right interior design, […]

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