Weekly Weirdness

Lately, I’ve been admiring the Weekly Roundups some of my fellow bloggers have been posting and I want to try it too! But here’s my spin: I’d like to share a few funny exchanges I had with my weird kids this week, then mention some reactions the week’s topics: Our Ridiculous Dog Brontë (looking very […]

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Everyone In Our House Has A Cat

I’m a cat person. In fact, this was very nearly a cat blog instead of a mommy blog. Occasionally, cat-themed posts have still found their way in, like that time I was trying to figure out why hating cats is so popular. I even started pulling them in order to start a separate kitty blog until I figured out how maintaining both would […]

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We Have the Tamest Chickens Ever

Having chickens that you’ve held since chick-hood means having some pretty tame chickens. Hester and Rosie race up to us whenever we go into the backyard so we can pet them. I managed to capture these charming photos of Brontë snuggling Hester on the backyard baby gate. What I didn’t manage to capture, despite my best efforts, was […]

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