How to Be Naked At the Grocery Store

So the other day at the grocery store, my four-year-old daughter Brontë once again showed signs of an unfortunate phase I thought we’d gotten past. Let me explain. As any parent can tell you, having kids is a mixture of heartwarming, hilarious, and insanely trying moments.  While every kid is different, they all seem to go […]

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Everybody poops. Everybody.

Big stink lines wafted from my two-year old daughter. She was blurring the background view as she stood in her overripe diaper. “Did you poop, Brontë?” “NO!” She yelled, running behind the couch. “It’s okay if you pooped,” I reassured her, “Everybody poops.” Popping her eyes above the couch, she considered what I was saying. […]

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