My Toddler Throws a Coffee Fit

My 3-year-old daughter Bridget is starting to sting together sentences and have actual conversations, which is when I think parenting starts getting real fun. I mean, I love them before that and all, but it’s a whole lot of screaming and you-cleaning-up poop before intelligible sentences come into play. Graspable language is when you start […]

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Memorial Day Weekend Hilarity

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day and fun three-day weekend. We sure did. My crazy, high-energy toddlers can be challenging (aren’t they all?), but they really crack me up. The entertainment value alone makes it all worth it, so I thought I’d share some of the highlight reel: Dad Makes […]

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Caca Sausage and the Traffic Jam

  Last weekend, we took the kids to the Japanese Tea Gardens in San Francisco. Since I grew up closer to the city, I forget how rough the drive can be when you’re coming from Sacramento. And especially with godawful traffic. It was raining off and on this weekend, which seems to scare the living crap out California drivers. […]

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I Witness the End of Cool as My Husband Starts Saying Dad Stuff

Remember when you were kid, and even more as a teenager, how clueless you thought your parents were? They had all this power and money, yet made baffling choices. Instead of eating pizza and  watching comedy, for example, your folks preferred watching golf and looking at paint swatches instead. It’s not a sane choice for anyone with options. And it didn’t stop there. You’d watch […]

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