Love in Darkness

Sometimes, I wish I lived in my five-year-old’s universe. It’s a magical land of unbridled optimism. Just the other night, she proudly announced that the moon loves her. “How do you know?” I asked. “Because it’s always following me,” she said. Pointing to the sky, she hopped up and down with excitement: “Look, it’s doing […]

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Bridget The Viking Wages a War on Pants

As I’ve mentioned before, my two-year-old daughter Bridget is a baby Viking: a freakishly-strong blonde who lives to dance, eat, and occasionally conquer all rules of civilized Christian society by violently head-butting them with her berserker rage. And tonight, she waged a war on the meaning of pants. Everything had been going so well. Earlier, she’d finally asked […]

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The Great Chocolate Caper

The dining room chair shoved in front of the stove should’ve been my first clue. I kept staring at this inconsistency while sipping my coffee, but nothing else was amiss. My kids had used this maneuver to pilfer the cabinets before, but they were always sloppy about it. Cabinets were left hanging open and food scattered everywhere, like raccoons […]

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When Cat People Bring a Dog Home

So you may have caught on from earlier posts that I’m generally a cat person. Cats just make sense to me: they’re calm, dignified and will cuddle you while you’re reading a book or watching a movie. Dogs, on the other hand, can stress me out. They have all this jumpy energy and need constant validation. But a crazy thing […]

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