Valentine’s Day Elephants

While I realize my recent blogging break is making me slow on the draw here, I still wanted to give my husband John props for planning a fun Valentine’s Day activity. All by himself, he reserved us a couple of spots at this place called “The Painted Cork,” where you paint something (elephants, in our […]

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The 7 Deadly Holidays

Last week, a friend of mine wished everyone on Facebook a happy Thanksgiving by calling it the “eat whatever you want without feeling guilty” holiday. She’s right, of course. Officially, Thanksgiving is about being grateful, but we all know the main focus is usually on making a ridiculous amount of food then trying to eat as […]

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A Valentine’s Day Massacre

    When it starts, I’m walking hand-in-hand with my daughters through the kind of glorious, dreamlike day you hope will leave an impression on your children. We were negotiating whether to buy ice cream cones or see the bears when a peacock slipped into the wolf cage. Valentine’s Day was unusually sunny this year, so John and I […]

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