Back in The Game

My husband John likes to say the problem with not showing up is that it gets harder and harder to show up the longer you go without showing up. He’s referring to cutting classes whenever he says this, since that was one of his youthful follies and he apparently never used my trick of establishing […]

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The Wonderful World of Marketing

You might’ve noticed that Bubbles and Beebots looks different now. I may keep on tweaking it until I’m happy. But see, B&B is now getting enough foot traffic to receive advertising invitations and I had to rework its layout into a more ads-friendly theme. Which is kind of exciting, though I won’t be expecting more than pocket change for […]

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Bob, The Pyramid Construction Guy, Has It Out With His Wife

I’ve talked before about how cool it is that anyone can blog now. Maybe everything published isn’t as polished as it used to be, but at least everyone’s voice can be heard. It’s neat that future generations will have so many records of what we everyday folks were thinking, even if those thoughts mostly consist of bitching about annoying coworkers, talking […]

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Do Bubbles Really Cause Obesity?

Every once in a while, we long-suffering bloggers check our WordPress stats and are thrilled by a sudden explosion of new views or followers. That’s probably the most awesome thing that can happen to bloggers when checking out our stats,  but a close second has got to be finding out the search terms people used to find our blogs. […]

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Six Word Story Challenge: Insult

Someone just called me “Ma’am.” Again.   That’s my entry for this week’s Six Word Story Challenge at Sometimes Stellar Storyteller. This week’s theme is “insult.” And I’m thinking other women know what I’m talking about here, that moment when your Ma’am to Miss ratio starts getting lopsided. Unless you live in the South, that […]

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Where I discover Bloglovin’and try to hook it up

<a href=””>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> Hey guys, I just found out about the Bloglovin’ site. Considering there are approximately 25 million blogs started every second (I completely made that statistic up), I figure nearly anything that gets your blog out there is worth a try. So I’m trying to hook myself up, but have […]

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Limerick Poetry Challenge: Whisper

Today marks my first entry in the Limerick Poetry Challenge at Mind and Life Matters! I’m hoping I follow her rules correctly. We’re supposed to write limericks containing a weekly theme word, and this week’s is “whisper.” So without further ado: She spoke to her Love in a whisper Of her pain at the ways he […]

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